When Should Patients Seek a Sports Performance IV?

By: Dr. Roger Estevez


Performance infusion therapy offers one of the easiest, most efficient ways to improve your performance and recovery. We know you train hard, and this treatment method can provide multiple benefits without any extra effort on your part.

Whether you’re prepping for a race or other sporting event, or training like a beast to prepare for next season, our nutrient cocktails can help you get the most out of your program. We invite all athletes, sports lovers, and generally active individuals, from amateur to professional, to explore the many advantages of a sports performance treatment IV in Las Vegas, NV.

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When should I seek a sports performance IV?

You should consider it whenever you want to perform better, train harder, and enhance your recovery. Our clinically backed sports performance IV therapy is a concoction for athletes like yourself, who demand the best from their performance. It delivers an effective mix of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help give you an advantage in the gym, on the track, on the playing field, or anywhere else where optimal performance is required or desired.

Our therapeutic nutrient-rich cocktails are ideal for amateur and professional athletes (and everyone in between) because they promote many healthy processes within the body, including muscle building, tissue regeneration, and improved recovery at the cellular level. And by stimulating biological processes at the most profound level, it can kickstart the cells for growth and rejuvenation for stronger muscles and the connective tissues (like ligaments and tendons) that can help to increase physical output while decreasing the risk of injuries or mobility issues.

Is a sports performance IV right for me?

The noninvasive nature of IV cocktails means they’re an efficient, easy method to help enhance your physical capacity. And the minimal risk of side effects or adverse consequences makes this a potentially game-changing solution for men and women of all types, ages, and activity levels.

Plus, IV therapy can provide short and long-term benefits. For example, many of our patients use it as an invaluable aid while training for major sporting events, including triathlons or other competitions. Yet, many individuals also seek IV therapy after a tough pre-season training session, intense game, or meet. Since our nutritive infusions also rehydrate the body, they’re a great option to help you feel better and get the most out of whatever it is that you love doing.

We generally recommend 4 – 10 sessions, though it depends on your goals, and we’ll be happy to formulate the most effective, personalized plan possible for you. Our cocktails deliver a time-tested mix of what your body needs to help you excel. These nutritional components include IV fluids for rehydration and electrolytes to power your performance.

As well as vitamins, including the B vitamins, which are necessary for proper energy production and nerve cell function because the nervous system is as essential as the musculoskeletal. In that same vein, the muscles and mind must achieve harmony for your best performance. So, your IV cocktail will also include minerals to help increase mental clarity, concentration, and endurance while diminishing fatigue. Plus, bone-building, connective tissue-supporting nutrients help to prevent you from being sidelined.

Take your performance and recovery to the next level with a sports IV

A sports performance IV can provide an easy and effective way to get you to the next level. Dr. Roger Estevez is a specialist in internal medicine and knows the vital value of nutrition for total wellness. Yet, nutrition isn’t limited to diet, and our therapeutic IV cocktails can give you a game-changing athletic advantage to improve recovery, performance, and hydration while fueling muscular growth in Las Vegas, NV. Schedule a consultation at Clinical Research of South Nevada today to find out more.

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