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More than 12% of the population suffers from migraines with pain and symptoms that can be debilitating. Patients with migraines may suffer from common symptoms, such as dizziness, sinus pressure around the eyes, nausea, and light sensitivity. These symptoms often come on suddenly and can last for multiple days. Don't let this chronic pain hinder your life. Our team at Clinical Research of South Nevada performs research on the triggers, behavioral changes, and medications used to combat the symptoms of chronic migraines. Schedule an appointment with our Las Vegas, NV team if you're interested in participating in our research program.

During your appointment, board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Roger Estevez will conduct an extensive health assessment, family history, and physical exam to diagnose migraines. With a blood test, MRI, or CT scan, we can rule out other conditions and recommend a treatment regimen for our EMERGE research study that may involve an investigational treatment. We may also recommend the following:

  • Preventive medications: If you have had four or more migraines lasting 12 hours or more, you may be a good candidate for preventive therapy, which includes medicines taken regularly to reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.
  • Pain-relieving medications: These meds are taken at the first sign of a migraine to minimize symptoms and downtime. Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers work in different ways to relieve migraine pain and discomfort.
  • Lifestyle changes: Avoiding migraine triggers and engaging in natural relaxation techniques, a healthy diet, and good sleep habits can help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

(Translated by Google) He is my Doctor for more than 7 years, he is very professional, he has a very good patient-doctor relationship, something that in the United States is very difficult to experience. I thank GOD for his experience and excellent medical work. 🙏 (Original) Es mi Doctor por más de 7 años, es muy profesional, tiene muy buena relación paciente-medico, algo que en Estados Unidos es muy difícil de experimentar. Doy gracias a DIOS por su experiencia y excelente trabajo médico. 🙏

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(Translated by Google) The attention is very good, a lot of concern on the part of the work staff... a clinic for everyone... (Original) La atención es muy buena, mucha preocupación por parte del personal de trabajo...una clínica para todos..

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Excellent Dr handled all my illnesses I can finally walk with right meds

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The office was able to get me in with no problem, even with me trying to schedule the same day! Just came in with some allergy issues that were bothering me and not improving. I was worried about why they were happening but the doctor there was able to see me and help me figure out what was going on. He also followed up with my pharmacy and made sure I got what I needed. Overall great experience!

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Migraines don’t have to keep you in the dark. Learning more about your migraine patterns and triggers and participating in the EMERGE research program at Clinical Research of South Nevada may provide the key to relief. Contact our professionals in Las Vegas, NV to schedule your private consultation today.

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Are migraines hereditary?

Yes, migraines do tend to run in families. Around half of people who experience migraines have a close relative with the condition, suggesting a genetic component. However, it's important to note that not everyone with a family history of migraines will get them, and many people without a family history can still develop migraines. It's thought that a combination of genetic and environmental factors play a role.

What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?

All migraines are headaches, but not all headaches are migraines. A headache generally refers to any type of pain in the head, while a migraine is a specific type of headache that comes with other symptoms. Migraines are usually characterized by moderate to severe throbbing or pulsating pain, often on one side of the head, and are frequently accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Some people with migraines also experience auras, which are sensory disturbances that occur before the headache begins.

Can migraines be cured?

There is no definitive cure for migraines. However, the condition can be effectively managed with a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. Treatments aim to reduce the frequency, severity, and length of migraines and to improve the individual's quality of life. The team at Clinical Research of South Nevada works with patients to develop personalized treatment plans to ease migraines.

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