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Hydration infusion IV therapy can speed recoveries, enrich lives, and provide optimal health. The higher levels of nutrients flow directly into the bloodstream, allowing the body to use this energy and experience renewed energy and vitality. Infusion therapy is the fastest way to deliver the fluids and nutrients your body needs to function at a top level. At Clinical Research of South Nevada, you can feel better and perform at an improved level with Rejuvenate IV therapy. Schedule your therapy in Las Vegas, NV to enhance your overall health.

Your IV nutritional therapy will be administered in one of our private procedure rooms. Once the IV is inserted into your arm, the infusion should take about an hour to complete. Patients feel minimal discomfort during the insertion process. You may read or relax in peace while your therapy takes place. After the treatment, a bandage will be placed over the insertion site, and you will be released to go about your day. Patients typically feel revitalized and rejuvenated after treatment. Clinical Research of South Nevada offers Rejuvenate IV therapy to rehydrate and reenergize the body by replenishing the fluids needed for optimal wellness. Our blend features ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins, zinc, and a mineral blend to combat fatigue and chronic stress.

(Translated by Google) He is my Doctor for more than 7 years, he is very professional, he has a very good patient-doctor relationship, something that in the United States is very difficult to experience. I thank GOD for his experience and excellent medical work. 🙏 (Original) Es mi Doctor por más de 7 años, es muy profesional, tiene muy buena relación paciente-medico, algo que en Estados Unidos es muy difícil de experimentar. Doy gracias a DIOS por su experiencia y excelente trabajo médico. 🙏

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(Translated by Google) The attention is very good, a lot of concern on the part of the work staff... a clinic for everyone... (Original) La atención es muy buena, mucha preocupación por parte del personal de trabajo...una clínica para todos..

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Excellent Dr handled all my illnesses I can finally walk with right meds

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The office was able to get me in with no problem, even with me trying to schedule the same day! Just came in with some allergy issues that were bothering me and not improving. I was worried about why they were happening but the doctor there was able to see me and help me figure out what was going on. He also followed up with my pharmacy and made sure I got what I needed. Overall great experience!

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IV nutritional therapy can help you feel better, enhance your mood and endurance, and perform at an improved level in your life. Schedule an appointment at Clinical Research of South Nevada in Las Vegas, NV with our skilled team to learn additional information about this quick and reliable treatment to help elevate your health and wellness.

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Is Rejuvenate IV therapy safe?
Absolutely! The expert team at Clinical Research of South Nevada administers all IV treatments in a safe and sterile environment. We also use top-of-the-line medical equipment and supplies to ensure the best results. When it comes to Rejuvenate IV, our staff is highly trained to provide the highest quality care.
Does Rejuvenate IV hurt?
There is no reason to be concerned about discomfort during IV treatments. Though you may feel slight pressure or a pinch with the IV insertion, most patients in Las Vegas, NV report that the process itself is virtually painless. Inform our team if you have concerns or questions about the procedure beforehand.
How often should I get Rejuvenate IV?
The frequency of your therapy will depend on several factors, such as your overall health and lifestyle. Generally, most men and women find that once a month is enough to support optimal health. However, our experts can provide more specific recommendations based on your unique needs during a consultation.
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